• “Randy’s sound is more of an attitude than anything else. It’s what our whole station is all about. It creates the ambiance that is KISS FM…fun, energetic and hot!”

    – Nate Rodriguez, Program Director, KCRS-FM/Odessa
  • “Outstanding!”

    – Jon Madani, Program Director, KVET-AM The Zone, Austin
  • “Bringing Randy on board was a vital part of taking KHQ’s imaging and giving it a major market sound. His reads are perfect, his turn-around time is quick and his voice has brought a cool vibe to our radio station”

    – Josh Lucas, Imaging Director, WKHQ-FM/Traverse City
  • "Randy is nuts. Really. We've had Randy write, produce and voice Mix 96.1 for several years. He gets that promos need to be quick, yet downright hilarious. And he never misses a deadline."

    – Tony Travatto, Operations Director, Clear Channel/San Antonio
  • "Randy gets it ... I send him my stuff and it comes back the way I like it ... just like how my mom use to do my laundry when I was going to college."

    – Randy Rose, Program Director, KJQN-FM/Salt Lake City
  • “Randy Cox is a top notch production, imaging and voiceover hat trick. I count on him again and again for my fast turnaround creative audio projects. If I could I’d keep Randy and his studio captive in a tent in my yard but I know the feds would rescue him and take him away from me.”

    - Alan Wenkus, SVP Prep Services, Premiere Radio
  • “I’ve worked with Randy since 2003 and wouldn’t consider changing. He seriously produces excellent, cut through imaging and creative that absolutely has been a vital factor in KHFI’s success. Great guy and easy to work with”

    – Jay Shannon, Program Director, KHFI-FM/KFMK-FM, Austin
  • I've worked with Randy on imaging for both radio and TV. Simply said, "he get's it. His work sounds great, but not the same as everyone else. And, in a world of choices, it's great to have an edge.”

    – Vern Anderson, Marketing Director, WFMZ-TV, Allentown
  • "I've worked with a lot of voice talent and Randy is the best in more ways than one. We get so busy and Randy can voice, produce, provide additional elements to help, and very versatile on his reads. He never says no. Just don't abuse him, we already do!"

    - Keke Love, Program Director, KSAS-FM, Boise
  • We use Randy for just about everything, in fact I’m trying to get him to record my voicemail greeting. Callout research, focus groups, know-it-all consultants, my grandma, lawyers and doctors, people with money, and every single listener agree, Randy is the best.”

    - AJ, Creative Services Director, KWYE-FM/Fresno


Randy is one of the most accommodating and talented VO artists in the industry. How to describe his sound? Young. Energetic. Smooth, with a hint of gravel. Friendly. California. He's fast, fun, easy to work with and can voice anything. Seriously, anything. Randy is currently the voice of dozens of radio stations across the country, and around the world.

His clients include Google, Chevrolet, CBS, IHeart Media, Air Canada, Cumulus Broadcasting, ESPN, Dunkin' Donuts, The Los Angeles Times, DirecTV and you'll hear him when you walk into a Wal-Mart or a Sprint store nationwide.

Randy grew up in Northern California, but now lives in San Diego and voices full-time, mostly from his own studio, supplying production companies, radio and TV stations around the country.  For a free custom demo, just email randy@coxvox.com.